2 comments on “Just when you think you’ve seen it all…

  1. I think Netanyahu is a bit too…warminded. Of course, he might have reason not to trust Iran, but I somehow hope that Iran has a sense of self preservation. I mean, we’re talking about a people that have been around for at least 2500 years. Why should they want nuclear war? They’d be obliterated as surely as Israel. It wouldn’t make sense or be in their self interest…

    On another note, good ramble. :)

    • We’re the only country to ever use atomic weapons. Ever.
      Once the can of worms is open, it’s very hard to get them back in the can. Anything in this physical world is by nature just existing. It’s only through our own subjective thinking that gives that object a value. In other words a rock is just a rock. By picking it up and throwing it through someone’s window, we have given it it’s value as a weapon(?). Same with money – it’s just money, but greed gives it a different value as dos charity. In other words it’s the intent. MAD (mutually assured destruction) was a variant control during the “Cold War” because the Soviets and US understood the implications, and the value of a life. Once that’s taken away, example of a suicide bomber, where folks believe that life is not valuable, but in death there’s a greater honor, the rules of the game change because we don’t operate under the same core values. So, putting nuclear capabilities to a nation-state that enlists and sponsors the notion that killing yourself is for the higher good, is kind of like giving a 2 year old a loaded gun. They don’t get it. And that’s kind of like this whole dilemma, some folks “get it” and others don’t. Different value systems make it asymmetric. “…and the band kept playing on.” Truly, Blues for Allah.

      - Selah

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